Thursday, November 20, 2008

건축설계 변경 및 Minor Site Plan Amendment

건축위원회는 지난 화요일에 Ken Williams씨를 만났고 오늘은 DDR회사의 Todd Philipp씨를 만나 Carver/Segars씨가 수정한 건축설계 초안을 같이 검토하고, 실현 가능성등, 앞으로의 계획을 의논하였습니다. 두 Meeting의 결과가 매우 긍정적이었고, 내일 오전에는 Williams씨와 Philipp씨가 직접 만나서 건축설계 변경에 따른 교회부지 굴착공사상의하고, Site Plan에 영향이있는 사항들을 같이 고려하게 됩니다. Philipp씨는 이미 Albemarle County와 상의하였고, County가 요구하는 Minor Site Plan Amendment 를 제출하기위하여 준비중입니다 (하기된 e-mail을 보시기 바랍니다).


Dr. Kim,

I have marked it on my calendar.

I spoke with the County and they are going to require the submittal of a Minor Site Plan Amendment. They want to review the grade changes to ensure that the site meets regulations for driveway and parking area slopes, HC accessibility, storm drainage and erosion control. I am working on the process and scheduling now.

I think I have come up with some solutions for access to all building entrances, but want to meet with Ken and decide what the appropriate grade at each entrance should be from a construction standpoint.

After I meet with Ken tomorrow, I will get in contact with you and determine how we should proceed.


Todd Philipp, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Dominion Development Resources, LLC

172 South Pantops Drive

Charlottesville, VA 22911

T: 434.979.8121

F: 434.979.1681


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