Monday, March 31, 2014

Theresa Sullivan 총장님 축하 메세지

University of Virginia의 Theresa Sullivan 총장님께서 저희 교회 입당 축하 메세지를 보내셨습니다:

Dear Friends: 

I write to congratulate you on the occasion of your new church building dedication. I hope that this new building will be a wonderful venue for worship and fellowship for your congregation for many years.

Very truly yours,

Teresa Sullivan 
UVA President

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Breaking News: 신축 교회당 임시사용 허가가 발급되었습니다!

오늘 Albemarle County로부터 신축 교회당 임시사용 허가를 받았습니다! (아래 이미지 참고).  할렐루야!!!  하나님께 감사드립니다.  기도해주신 성도님들께도 감사드립니다.

아래에 첨부된 David Coon (U.Va. Project Manager)씨의 이메일 내용을 보면 아직 해결되지 않은 문제들이 있습니다.  이럴 때일수록 우리 모두 깨어서 계속 하나님께 기도드립시다.


RE: KOREAN CHURCH             Date: 3/27/2014
Yong … good morning.
I wanted to let you know that I spoke with Lisa Green earlier today who, as you know, conducted the Site Inspection for the project.

 My goal was to see where things stand with her with regards to the items she had noted that needed to be addressed/have resolution. In spite of the “verbal” statements made to you by various persons in the inspection office that indicated that “all is well”, I had noted my concern that there was no real documentation, and most importantly, no feedback from Lisa.

I  have the following to share: 

1.      She has/will sign off on the Site Inspection thus clearing that hurdle, but “all” is not 100% settled
2.      The Sign Structure Permit you generated/submitted is with the review group.
 a.      This means that it is still an issue that needs final resolution.
       i.      It may be approved “As Is”.
       ii.      It may be approved “With Contingencies"  
      iii.      It may be denied (worst case … could possibly mean one/both of the structures would have to go).
b.      I do not know when this will come out of review. 

3.      Lisa has no other “outstanding items”

[content partially deleted] ...... 

So … bottom line … you’re good to go with regards to the site inspection/that component of your overall inspection for occupancy. 
Have a wonderful weekend y’all!


David Coon

Construction Project Manager
575 Alderman Rd.
P.O. Box 400726
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4726