Wednesday, August 15, 2012

George Dygert 변호사의 이메일

U.Va. 병원과 주차장 임대 계약을 체결하는 법적인 절차를 담당하고 있는 변호사 Goerge Dygert씨로 부터 아래에 첨부한 이메일을 오늘 받았습니다.  최종 계약 체결을 위한 모든 일이 하나님 은혜 가운데 순조로이 진행되고 있음을 감사드립니다.
Dr. Kim,                                                                                    8/15/2012

I spoke at length today with Charlie Hurt of the UVA real estate office.  I believe that most of my concerns about the lease can be resolved satisfactorily.  However,  UVA has asked that we provide a copy of your church by-laws showing that the congregation has the authority to enter into this lease.  As you may recall, I expected this request. 

In addition we need to speak further about the clause in the lease that makes the lease binding on any purchaser of the church property and a few other matters.  If you can either call me or make an appointment to meet with me next week, we can resolve these issues.

Thank you.

George H. Dygert
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