Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Inspection을 위한 보완공사 진전 상황

최종 Inspection 과정에서 지적된 사항들을 수정하거나 새로 설치하는 작업이 순조로이 진행되어 많은 진전을 보았습니다 (자세한 내용은 U.Va.의 Project Manager인 David Coon씨에게 보낸 아래의 이메일을 참고하시기 바랍니다).

오늘은 또한 Albemarle County의 Health Department 담당자가 우리 교회 부엌 시설은 소위 상업용 "Food Preparation" Permit 받는 것을 면제해준다는 공식 서신을 County의 Plumbing Inspector에게 보냈습니다.  하나님께 감사드립니다.

앞으로 교회 건물 임시 사용 허가를 조속히 발급 받을 수있도록 계속 기도드립시다.

March 11, 2014

RE: [Korean Church] Update on the status of final inspection

Hi David,

[Please also see my comments in CAPITAL LETTERS /RED inserted in your email below]

 As of today, we have corrected most of the minor items required by the inspectors and plan to have re-inspection done on the Electrical and Mechanical later this week (at least that's what our subcontractors promised).

For Plumbing inspection, we also made good progress and need a couple of more days of work to complete except for one - I have ordered a new toilet which has the water flush lever on the right side (not on the left side as usual), which is required for one of our handicapped toilet bathroom.  This is a special order so that it will take about 3 weeks for delivery.

For Building/Structure inspection, we have completed all except the two items that you also mentioned in your email below - Weep holes and the step issue out of the exterior door.

What our Church intends to do now is to apply for a temporary use permit of the building some time next week or so - we will have to hold our Revival and Dedication ceremonies in early and late April (we cannot change this schedule).  Of course, we will continue working on all items required to pass all re-inspection.

I talked briefly on the phone with Lisa Green yesterday.  She inspected the outside construction (plus zoning) last week and did not find any problem.  She said she would visit the site one or two more times this week (because some she did not see due to the snow coverage) but she expect that all should be OK.  Good news!

Thank you very much for your excellent cooperation and support!

Yong Kim

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